Odd Child starlet Etta Bond and producer Raf Riley have been close collaborators for quite a while now, and we've been fans for the entirety of it. "Never Did" with rapper A2 remains a highlight of their work together and now, three years on, the trio prove lightning does indeed strike the same place twice with new single "Surface".

As vulnerable as we've come to expect from Etta, within the soft melody and bounce lies a more urgent, resonant message: 'Surface' is about getting to know someone on a deeper level than just what everyone else sees.

Etta Bond live will be at The Curtain in London tomorrow evening (May 18), throwing the fourth in a string of guerrilla-style pop-up shows. Ending a period of relative quiet on the releases front, stream "Surface" exclusively below.

UPDATE (May 28): The official video has just landed.