Earlier this month, it was rumored that Detroit rapper Kash Doll and Drake had begun dating. Not long after, Kash sought to put an end to the rumors, explaining at the time, "Why is it that as soon as you post a picture or you around somebody or something, you're dating them?" After shooting down the speculations, Kash has once again found herself the subject of more dating rumors. This time around they involve Meek Mill

During the Memorial Day weekend, Kash was spotted at a party with Meek Mill, and fans quickly began speculating the two were seeing each other romantically. From the sound of a post she shared to her Instagram page, she's not interested in entertaining more rumors relating to her private life. Addressing her story to Nicki Minaj fans that were coming after her as the rumors began to circulate, she clarified that she and Meek are just friends. Peep it below: 


#kashdoll wants to let y’all know she and meek just homies.

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on May 28, 2018 at 12:01pm PDT

"That's my friend, that's my dog," Kash Doll explained.

Kash definitely doesn't want anyone getting the wrong idea, and hopefully in the future whenever she's hanging out with a guy people won't automatically assume she's only there because she's a romantic interest.