Immediately after Kash Doll posted a photo of her and Drake on Instagram, many people began speculating that the two were romantically involved; however, the Detroit rapper insists she and Drizzy are strictly friends.

“Why is it like that? Why is it that as soon as you post a picture or you around somebody or something, you’re dating them?” Kash said (4:00) on the latest episode of Lip Service.

Kash went on to explain that the photo was the catalyst for her recent break-up, as her ex was also convinced she and Drake were an item.

“That’s exactly what happened. But it’s just, like, this is my world. What do you expect? Like, I’m a rapper too,” she said, insisting she saw nothing wrong with the photo in which Drake had his arm around her.

“I ain’t hugging him, I'm just sitting there chilling, and he just put his arm around me like, ‘That's my dawg,’” Kash explained. “That's what I felt. Maybe I just know what it is.”

Though she’s not dating the 6 God, Kash said she has nothing but love for him. As many fans know, the 26-year-old rapper got her big break in 2016, when Drake sent her a DM asking her to open the Detroit stop of his Summer Sixteen Tour.

“I just felt, like, I was in one of the lowest [places] of my life, and he came and lifted my spirit like that,” she said (5:30). “So, forever, I always got love for him. We never dealt with each other like that. But I feel, like, I shouldn’t be explaining that to my man.”

You can check out Kash’s full Lip Service interview above.