Method Man and Ghostface Killah hit Stephen Colbert's Late Show Tuesday night with a special message for the Department of Justice.

After congratulating Kendrick Lamar on his historic Pulitzer win for Damn, Colbert noted that "true connoisseurs of hip-hop like me" are still dying to hear Wu-Tang Clan's elusive Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. As Colbert explained while wisely referencing a Complex article, the album recently left the care of Martin Shkreli and is now being denied public glory by Jeff "Make America Alabama Again" Sessions.

"First of all, that album belongs to the people," Method Man said directly to the cookie version of Sessions. "Yeah, and Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin' to fuck with too," Ghostface added. After a brief argument with the cookie, Meth and Ghostface pulled out the ancient ways of Shaolin. "Brace yourself for combat," Ghostface said before Meth enjoyed a light snack:

As previously reported, this all went down on the same Late Show that saw former FBI director James Comey give an extended interview. Prior to the broadcast, Ghostface joked that Comey was helping them get Once Upon a Time in Shaolin back.


In an "uncensored" interview with the Daily Beast this past weekend, Meth said he originally thought the one-copy-only approach to Once Upon a Time in Shaolin would result in fans being able to hit up a museum and check out the album for free. "I guess when it goes back on the open market we'll see what happens," he said, adding that he would have preferred to just give the album away.