Method Man made quite a case for proper hydration during his recent appearance on DJ Whoo Kid's Whoolywood Shuffle.

I'm certainly not about to spend a paragraph writing about something you could easily just watch for yourself, but I will point out this one line from Method Man's Whoolywood freestyle:

If your flow ain't H2O, you're out your element

Catch the full freestyle up top.

Method Man, whose Hailey Baldwin-assisted TBS series Drop the Mic was recently re-upped alongside Snoop Dogg's The Joker's Wild, also recently gave a lengthy and highly quotable interview to the Daily Beast.


Among other things, Meth used the loose and candid chat to share his thoughts on Atlanta's stature in the music industry. "I feel like [New York] lost our identity but it was good for the unification of hip-hop as a whole," he said. "Atlanta is the new New York . . . Down South is way bigger than just New York, and we were basing everything off just New York."

Meth also pointed to André 3000's infamous Source Awards speech, during which he told the world "the South got something to say." According to Meth, that moment likely inspired an entire wave of Atlanta-based artists to start knocking down doors. "I think that was like a calling to all artists down South to say, 'You know what? We don't need those muthafuckas up there. They're arrogant as fuck, and there's more of us down here,'" he said.

Drop the Mic returned with new episodes over the weekend. Next, Method Man will be seen in Tim Story's Shaft reboot.