Just when we thought Kanye West’s “Lift Yourself” track couldn’t get any weirder.

Shortly after West premiered the apparent troll record on social media, he directed his followers to a remixed version by Smokepurpp.

'Ye posted a link to the track via Twitter on Saturday night with a brief but very necessary disclaimer: “I'm posting this but not as a diss to J Cole. I love J Cole. I also love where Purp took his flow.”

Similar to 'Ye's original version, the track features Smokepurpp rapping gibberish lines, like: “Esskeetit, esskeetit, huh? Scooby-dooby-ba-boo 'Sskeetit, 'sskeetit, 'sskeetit, huh? 'Sskeetit, huh? 'sskeetit Scooby-dooby-ska-ska." However, the Miami artist also delivers some coherent bars that include a shouto-out to Cole, who is believed to have referenced Smoke in his new track "1985."

Lotta niggas been sayin' I ain't lyrical
So I'm 'bouta get real lyrical on this shit
[...] Ay, shoutout J. Cole too
You know what goin' on

You can listen to the remix here.