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Cardi B has had quite the month—from releasing her debut LP, Invasion of Privacy, to revealing her pregnancy live on Saturday Night Live, to prepping her mysterious and expensive Coachella set—the contender for top female rapper in the game has a lot on her plate. Naturally, she’s been making the rounds promoting all of this, with our earlier report covering her talk with Big Boy. What we haven’t told you about yet, is how Cardi feels about the price of fame, how she’s handling rapid come-up, and how some people love to hate.

During her talk with Los Angeles Power 106’s J. Cruz, Cardi let it all out. When asked if she still pays attention to negative comments online, she responded with a focused whisper. “I still read them. Yes,” she said. Regarding the negative energy coming her way, Cardi is like any other MC that seemingly blows up out of nowhere. While we know she’s struggled, some people don’t seem to realize how hard Cardi’s worked for her success.

Her new-found fame often results in misplaced anger, and hate directed squarely at her. According to HipHopDX, it's pretty exhausting. “It is torture,” said Cardi. “It depends on the situation. People are bipolar. I really hate saying corny shit but I be saying shit like, ‘I’m the bitch people love to hate.’ I think people have an addiction on hating. For example, if there’s somebody you don’t like, you don’t have to go to their Instagram. But I think they like that feeling of hating you. It’s like, ‘Oh, I need negativity today.’”

We’ve heard this frustration in the voices of countless hip-hop artists early in their careers—there’s a tendency to keep prodding, poking, and demanding they continue to prove themselves. This sense of ownership, though completely imagined, really does seem to turn into tangible reality. Cardi’s only learning how to deal with her fame as it’s happening, day by day, and there are some things she definitely misses.

“Everybody says that’s the price you pay for fame,” she said. “I don’t get why I have to pay. I didn’t sign up for this shit.” While that made J. Cruz and his co-hosts chuckle, Cardi is dead serious. When asked about what’s changed, and the type of things she misses from her anonymity, she had some immediate answers. “Having my own privacy, being able to say what I want,” she said. “Like I feel like I have to censor myself. People always want to make shit racist, homophobic…it’s ridiculous.” We’re certainly not in favor of Cardi censoring herself, and hope she finds it within her to navigate this insane whirlwind of growing celebrity and remain true to herself as best as she can.

Listen to the full interview here.