22-year-old Lonnie Montrel Taylor, a local rapper otherwise known as Lil Lonnie, was fatally shot in Jackson, Mississippi Sunday night. According to MS News Now, Taylor was driving his car through west Jackson when a yet unidentified person shot at it, killing Taylor in the process with the passenger woman left unharmed.

Officers believe that somebody shot into the vehicle from back as Taylor was driving down Montebello Drive, resulting in the car crashing into a home. It was this collision that police responded to at 10.30 p.m. CT, with the homicide only becoming apparent on the scene. Taylor, who is well-known in Jackson’s hip-hop scene, was a student at Jackson State University. 

Currently, there’s no suspect, motive, or significant lead, with the investigation ongoing. On the off chance that anyone has valuable information about the incident, authorities are urging you to call Crime Stoppers at 601-355-8477.

Rest in Peace, Lil Lonnie.