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The "best rapper alive" discussion will always hold weight in the hip-hop community. At any given time, there are a handful of artists that could claim the title, or might feel they are deserving of it. However, Atlanta's 21 Savage could care less about being considered the "best rapper alive."

Savage took to Twitter to let everyone know that it's money over everything when it comes to his rap career. "I didn’t come here to compete. I came to eat. Miss me with all that greatest rapper shit," he wrote. "I wanna be the richest. Leave me alone. I’m in my own world."

There isn't necessarily any indication of what prompted the tweet from the Saint Laurent Don, but he clearly felt the need to make his point clear. While 21 Savage is no doubt one of the biggest names in rap right now, his eerie brand of self-proclaimed "murder music" has never really been praised for its "lyrical miracle" qualities. 

Perhaps he was simply addressing some trolls he noticed who were criticizing his bars, or maybe he felt inclined to let everyone know given some recent discussion about who the current king of another legendary rap region currently is. Whatever the reason may be, he wants to just make sure he continues cashing checks. His 2017 hit single "Bank Account" has now taken on a whole new meaning.

While Savage might not be out here trying to be your favorite lyricist, that doesn't mean he refuses to take part in trends. Earlier this week, Savage was the latest rapper to join in on the "Who Run It" challenge by dropping his own monotone freestyle over the classic Three 6 Mafia instrumental.