While fans may be appreciating The Weeknd's most notable work with Marvel as a voice on the soundtrack for the wildly successful Black Panther at the moment, the pop singer now has some more Marvel-related news for fans to be excited about. New details have recently emerged regarding the comic book series based on the singer's 2016 album Starboy.

News of the comic was first teased in October 2017 at Comic-Con New York when it was revealed that his Starboy character would be coming to life on the pages of his own Marvel comic book. While it might have seemed like a random idea at the time, it is something that The Weeknd has discussed he has wanted to do with the character since sitting down with Zane Lowe around the time of the release of his Starboy project back in 2016. 

"Starboy is the next chapter in this chronicle, this saga," the Weeknd said. "I guess this is the fourth chapter. He's a character that we created. It's so funny, we want to create a comic out of him as well [...] He's a cool, dope character that makes appearances a lot on the album. He's definitely made his appearance in different records in the past as well. He's a more braggadocious  character that we all have inside of us."

Now, Marvel has officially announced the release date for The Weeknd Presents: Starboy. According to Marvel, the story will take place in the city of Alphatron where Jack "The Chef" Smiley, a cannibalistic villain, is leading a rampant crime wave. As is the case with all comic books, the city needs a hero to save them. That hero will be Starboy. Speaking on the project, The Weeknd says "Marvel is the pinnacle of success in their field, and I’ve been a lifelong fan of their work. To be able to partner with them is a dream come true."

The story comes from the minds of The Weeknd, La Mar Taylor, and Christos Gage. The artwork is done by Eric Nguyen and Guru-eFX. Expect the first issue of The Weeknd Presents: Starboy to hit shelves on June 13.