Pharrell said he had “something special” up his sleeve, and he didn’t disappoint.

During his guest mix on OVO Sound this weekend, the multi-hyphenate debuted the official remix of "Lemon." Just when we thought the cut couldn't get any better.

I get it how I live it / I live it how I get / Y’all don’t really get it​ / I pull up in a lemon / Blocks get to spendin' / Money 3D printin' / Never had a limit / Never been religious / I just always had opinions," the 6 God raps in the opening verse. "My daddy told me 'listen you better get some money and not die and go to prison / So you see / Yeah, I got rich and stayed free / Free the dawgs doin' B.I.Ds."

You can take a listen above. The track is also available on major streaming services, including Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.

The song's original version, which highlighted Rihanna's impressive rap skills, served as the lead single of N*E*R*D's 2017 No One Ever Really Dies.

In a February interview with iHeartRadio, Pharrell spoke about the track's visual, its accompanying dance, as well as its meaning.

"Lemon is a fruit. It is bitter. Hence, the origin of the song," he explained. "It's like when we all have the potential to be very fruitful as human beings, but there's certain times where people act like they're like happy for you, but when they answer your question or when they see you, it's kinda like they just bit into a lemon. And that's kinda like what it's about."