With NBA All-Star Weekend happening in Kendrick Lamar's backyard this weekend in Los Angeles, the Compton rapper had basketball on his mind when he sat down for an interview with Billboard. Specifically, he brought up the similarities he shares with NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

"I think from afar, we both have this willpower of finding out how far we can max our potential in what we can do," Kendrick explained. "I think once you have that curiosity, it'll keep you challenged, it'll keep you motivated, and it'll keep you elevated. That's what he's done with his career, he maxed it out to this fullest on the court. Now, he's off the court, and he's finding a whole new love for something, and he'll continue with that concept and that same idea. I think that's what we share the most."

Later, he brought up Kobe's name again when speaking about his current role as the leader of west coast rap. Kendrick says he's happy with his current position but will hand the baton to the next generation when he can no longer max out his full potential.

"I think the moment when I'm not having fun with it and getting into the studio, and you know, going back to the Kobe similarities, maxing out on the full potential, that's when the fumbling happens," he said. "Before that even happens, I'd pass it down and give it to another young boy that has that same passion that can carry that [throne], but right now, I feel good. I'll let y'all know when the final years is coming up when I'm like, 'OK. This kid is it. He's from the city. He's it. He got it.'"

At ComplexCon in November, Kendrick and Kobe sat down together with Complex to discuss their paths to greatness. Kendrick brought up curiosity at that time, as well. Explaining what most people miss when it comes to achieving greatness, he said, "It's the curiosity of it. The fear, the anxiety. It's the curiosity of knowing, damn, I can possibly overcome this. And when you do and another one approaches, I wanna challenge that too. That's real greatness."

You can read his full interview with Billboard here and continue for Kendrick and Kobe's conversation about greatness.