Lately (or, since 1997, actually), there's been some (a ton, actually) confusion about the name of the man born as Sean Combs. In November, he announced via Twitter that he'd like to be known as "LOVE aka Brother Love" and that he would "not be answering to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy, or any of my other monikers." But a day and a half later, he said on Instagram  he was "only joking" and the new identity was "just part of one of my alter egos." On Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, he changed his mind again, saying he would, in fact, like to be known as "Love"—and giving an (albeit convoluted) explanation for the confusion. 

"I never went back to Diddy and I made an edit from Brother Love, since I'm already black, to just Love," he explained. "The Brother seemed redundant. And it's working out great. Who doesn't love love?"  

It was his PR people, not him, who "made the retraction," he said—but he's since taken matters into his own hands and "retracted the retraction." However, he doesn't mind being known as Diddy. "You can call me by the other names," he let viewers know. "It's just an evolution of my soul and my vibration."

He also talked about The Four, a new TV singing competition that he and DJ Khaled will be judging. It's different from other singing shows, which "were getting kinda lame and kinda weak," because it has a battle format. "You get to call them up, like 'Jimmy, my name is Love and I want to battle you," he said. Maybe he is serious about this name change.