Camila Cabellothe Roots, and Jimmy Fallon had quite the time on The Tonight Show on Wednesday. Camila & Co. performed her international hit, “Havana,” but this performance came with one of Fallon’s signature twists: performing  the song entirely on classroom instruments. The slightly abbreviated performance (just under two minutes), sans Young Thug, was still extremely fuego. If there’s anything this kiddie version of the track proves, it's Cuban-born Cabello can definitely sing.

Before she launched her solo career, Cabello was part of the girl group Fifth Harmony. Leaving the five-woman band was certainly the right move, as she followed up the wildly successful “Havana” with a self-titled debut album earlier this month, receiving warm critical acclaim.

That’s not to say Cabello's rise to success has been all sunshine and rainbows. Her split from Fifth Harmony was reportedly quite messy. She only stayed with the group to live out the terms of her contract, before cutting ties in late 2016. When Billboard asked Cabello in 2017 if she kept in touch with her old bandmates, she flatly responded “no.”

But the clouds above Cabello’s career appear to have finally parted, and she’s finally able to bask in the glow of her solo success. “Havana” reached No. 1 on the charts in several countries around the world and was ranked 19 on Billboard’s Top 100 Songs of 2017.