50 Cent: Diddy 'Doesn't Even Know What He's Saying Is Like, Fruity’

50 Cent addresses homophobic comments directed at Diddy on 'The Breakfast Club.'

50 Cent, wants the world to know he doesn’t think Diddy is gay. He just thinks the hip-hop mogul is “fruity.”

While promoting his upcoming film Den of Thieves on The Breakfast Club, 50 was asked about his recent homophobic comments directed at the Bad Boy CEO. You remember the post: Fif is seen in a hospital bed surrounded by stuffed animals with the phrase “Currently recovering from pettiness” written across the image. The rapper included the caption: “Sorry I can no longer help you guys, soon you will all be gay and happy. You are all now left under leadership of PUFFY DADDY. report to the nearest rainbow. #denofthieves jan19.”

50 was immediately blasted for his comments; however, he attempted to defend himself by pointing to Diddy’s history of so-called “fruity” moments.

“I don't call him gay...listen, I'm only saying that because of the what's his name interview,” 50 said around the 19:00 minute mark. “When he says things, he doesn't even know what he's saying is like, fruity. He says to Fabolous, ‘me and you, we need to party.’ What is you talking about? When people say that to me I get a little uncomfortable.”

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50 also recalled a time when Diddy had allegedly suggested the two go on a shopping trip.

“He said something to me a long time ago, at Chris Lighty's wedding. He told me he'd take me shopping,” he said. “I looked at him like, ‘What'd you just say? Let me move, man, before I do something. You gon' make me mess up the wedding.’ No. That's something a guy says to a girl.”

TheGet Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper, who is also the son of a lesbian, has continued to question Diddy’s sexual orientation throughout the years. In 2014, he insinuated Diddy, Rick Ross, and music executive Steve Stoute were in some kind of a love triangle. He has also suggested Diddy and Empire co-creator Lee Daniels were romantically involved.

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