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The Mackie family might get a little bigger in 2018.

On Thursday morning, Papoose posted a series of Instagram photos that are leading many people to believe Remy Ma is expecting the couple’s first child together. The first image showed a sign that read, “Ultra Sound Waiting Room,” and was captioned: “#blacklove How we started our day!” 

About two hours later, Pap posted more photos of the couple in a pottery class with the caption: “Hand made these bowls, for our unborn child. #pottery #blacklove.”

Though neither rapper has confirmed a pregnancy, fans are remaining hopeful.

Earlier this year, Remy opened up about her struggles to conceive on an episode of Love & Hip-Hop: New York. The 37-year-old rapper revealed she had suffered a miscarriage and was informed by doctors that she wouldn’t be able to have a natural pregnancy. So, she and Pap decided to give IVF a try.

“It's in God's hands,” Pap told In Touch Weekly back in January. “You never know what the future holds, we're just taking it one day at a time and are enjoying each other and enjoying life.”

Remy had an amusing and optimistic response.

“If you think he's gonna let me off the hook that easy, I don't know why he's sitting here trying to act like ‘Oh yeah, it's in God's plans'—like, yeah right,” she said jokingly.