Every year we find ourselves saying something along the lines of, "Wow! This really has been the best ever year for albums—how ever do we choose?" That may or may not have been true in the past, but it most definitely is this year; both sides of the Atlantic have gifted the world incredible collections from some the planet's greatest musicians. Look, we're not going to focus too much on America (nor Canada), but we have to give props to a few albums from across the pond; the impact of More Life, Take Me Apart and Wins & Losses is simply impossible to miss.

The first two projects spoke to a British audience in a way few non-UK albums have before, either by connecting with sounds synonymous with the UK or by introducing British talent to U.S. audiences. It was also a year that saw a lot of artists maturing into something longer-lasting. J Hus' Common Sense LP, of course, is a prime example. The album showed us a more thoughtful side to the rapper and took him, without having to compromise, into the mainstream arena. The same can be said of Stormzy's Gang Signs & Prayer, both albums cementing the artist's position for good.

We could go into every album on the list, but there's no need to rehash what's written below. The point is: it was a painfully hard year for picking the best albums, and we've all been pretty horrible to each other this year so it's not even like we deserve it. With that being said, scroll down and relive all the amazing music we've been spoilt rotten with.