50 Cent just can’t lose at the moment. As his hit show Power continues to grow, it’s faced a number of minor setbacks, the latest and most prevalent being Fif getting sued for ripping off someone else’s creation. Well, he has to worry about that no longer. The show’s 42-year-old executive producer won a huge legal victory when the judge decided to throw the lawsuit out, according to TMZ.

The lawsuit stemmed from a pilot script for a show called Dangerous, written in 2009 by screenwriters R. Byron Hord and Curtis Scoon, who claimed Starz’s show heavily borrowed from their storyline. Dangerous centered around drug dealers, violence, and money laundering. Another of their claims was that Power's dialogue, slang, and strong language are similar to the language depicted in Dangerous.

The pair claimed to have given a copy of the script in 2011 to a number of Los Angeles based entertainment executives who met with 50 Cent, but he never reached out to them. The court decision to throw the case out was based on the fact that these commonalities are seen in other popular series such as Breaking Bad, The Wire, and Narcos, so, in essence, these subjects are a part of the public domain.

Power averaged an audience of around 8.4 million viewers an episode in season four, rising 5 percent from 8 million per episode the year before. Leaks aside, Power continues to rise. With this lawsuit in Fif’s rearview mirror, the show can continue to soar.