Last week, 50 Cent hopped on Instagram to address Starz allegedly accusing him of leaking the final episodes of this season of Power. At the time, he used a purple devil emoji that felt like he was on some super sly shit. Based on an Instagram post from yesterday, it looks like 50 Cent actually DID leak the final episodes of Power, a show which he is an executive producer of, mind you.

"Power ratings up another 10 percent for episode 408," 50 posted before dropping that damned purple devil emoji again. "They glad I leaked the shit now."

So not only did he seemingly cop to leaking the episodes of Power that Starz reportedly accused him of leaking, but then essentially said "BUT DEM RATINGS DOE."

What's sad is that this isn't the first time 50 Cent has used controversy to get people talking about Power, which feels counterproductive—and pointless—when you realize that Power is one of the shows that highlights just how powerful social media can be (and yes, that pun was intended as fuck).

Yes, 50 has his beef with Starz and has been vocal about wanting to get Power onto a different network, but you'd hope that the program would be getting more coverage because of the quality of the show, not because of the fuckery behind the scenes. Do you, though, Fif.