According to TMZ, despite the fact that the woman who accused Nelly of rape stated that she won't testify against him, police continue to keep the investigation into the 42-year-old rapper open. TMZ further adds that sources within the state of Washington's law enforcement told them that the lack of cooperation from the alleged victim will not deter their inquiry.

In fact, authorities in Auburn (the city that the crime reportedly occurred in) will continue to gather evidence so they can make their case to local prosecutors, ideally within the next week. At that point it's up to those prosecutors to decide if they'll press charges, though Nelly's attorney reportedly told TMZ that he expects "the police to do their due diligence," while adding he's confident the case will be closed.

This past Friday the attorney for the woman who stated that Nelly sexually assaulted her onboard his tour bus in the early hours of Saturday, October 7, said that the pressure of taking on a celebrity is too much to handle in modern society.

"We do not live in a society where a 21-year-old college student can feel safe enough to pursue criminal charges against a celebrity for an alleged rape," the attorney wrote in a letter. "She wonders who is she to go by her small 'unimportant' self against a celebrity. Who will believe her? People are saying horrible things already. She cannot handle this. She is about to break. She wants this to end. She just cannot bear it."

In response to that, Nelly's attorney asked for a public apology while also saying he'd recommend his client take legal action against her.

You can read the open letter here.