Today in things that don't even remotely matter, not even a little bit, the person accusing Usher of exposing her to herpes now claims there's video footage of their alleged coition. In a recent interview with YouTuber Miss Jacob Kohinoor, spotted by TMZ Tuesday, Quantasia Sharpton said she has video of sex stuff. Usher, Sharpton claims, was aware he was being recorded.

"I actually have videos," Sharpton said. When asked to clarify the nature of those videos and whether Usher was aware of their recording, she continued: "I'm not sure if I'm obligated to say that, but, um, yeah."


According to Sharpton, she didn't keep the footage on her phone for years for any particular reason. Instead, she simply keeps everything. "I have things in my phone that date back all the way to 2013," she said. "I keep everything in my phone. I have 250, I think it's gigabytes or megabytes or whatever, of, um, what is it called? Storage. I keep everything in my phone. I don't delete nothing."

Kohinoor noted that it was hard to believe that Usher willingly allowed himself to be on video "doing sexual shit." Sharpton, however, didn't back down. "People lie, but video don't," she said. Watch the full interview below, if that sounds like something particularly enjoyable to you. The video-tape discussion starts around the 36:50 mark.

According to TMZ, Lisa Bloom—Sharpton's attorney—is now trying to subpoena hotel surveillance footage allegedly showing Usher visiting her client's hotel room back in 2014. Previously, a former Days Inn employee claimed to have seen Sharpton in the lobby taking Usher up to her room. Usher, however, has reportedly denied all of this.