Usher is taking a new approach when it comes to discrediting Quantasia Sharpton's claim that she and the singer had sex in November 2014. Sharpton came forward last week in a press conference after filing a lawsuit against Usher for potentially exposing her to herpes when the two allegedly engaged in "sexual contact" at a Days Inn in Atlantic City. 

TMZ has learned that Usher would not have slept with Sharpton at the time because he was close to getting engaged to his longtime girlfriend Grace Miguel. The source informed TMZ that the two were practically inseparable since she also served as his manager. Whenever the singer had free time, he would spend it with her. 

Usher's team is arguing that when he performed in Atlantic City, the show ran late which pushed everything on his schedule back, including a meet-and-greet that went beyond midnight. Sharpton claims someone associated with Usher got her number, and he showed up at the lobby of the Days Inn where she worked at around midnight. The two allegedly had sex shortly thereafter.

This latest argument from Usher and his team is a lot less harsh compared to the one made by those close to him just days after she spoke out. According to TMZ, the singer wouldn't consider her to be his type, therefore, it was unlikely that they hooked up. While Usher doesn't recall bringing Sharpton onstage, one source attributes the singer's willingness to single out a diverse group of people as "an esteem booster." 

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