Remy Ma and Papoose were special guests on Thursday's episode of Wild 'N Out. As should be expected, Remy ensured nothing short of a bodying for the Platinum Squad.

In one segment, Nick Cannon and DC Young Fly were the recipients of some serious owning. After Cannon hit Papoose with some jokes about not knowing "anything about him," Papoose fired back with a should-be-flipped-into-an-endorsement-deal line:

The only Canon Nick ever seen was a camera/DC look like Desiigner, congrats on "Panda"

Some Nicki Minaj references inevitably worked their way in from the Platinum Squad, but Remy Ma was more than prepared. Not only did she vow to pull a "ShETHER" on Cannon, but she also absolutely dominated the a cappella portion of the segment. Cannon, of course, was also met with a number of disses from the opposing team aimed at the length of his music career.

Remy Ma and Papoose also made time for a quick Beauty and the Beast-influenced performance, during which Remy theorized that the MTV series was the only time Cannon is ever seen truly wild 'n out:

In a clip released ahead of the episode's premiere earlier this week, Remy Ma kept it simple during a round of "Rest in Peace." The segment features cast members offering up joking eulogies for celebrities, meaning of course Nicki Minaj was mentioned once again. Though Remy wasn't initially at the podium for the Minaj portion, the audience's "Remy!" chants ultimately inspired her to deliver a single word: "ShETHER."