Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj may be going at it for the rest of eternity, at this rate. We haven't really heard anything significant, beef-wise, since June, when Nicki performed a medley of diss tracks aimed at the Bronx rapper at the NBA Awards. (There's also a possibility Nicki fired a few subliminal shots in guest verses that dropped over the summer.)

In a teaser clip of an upcoming episode of Wild 'N Out, Remy is featured as a guest, and it looks like she might have rekindled the fire. The teams are playing a game of "Rest in Peace," which sets the cast members up to deliver funny eulogies about random celebrities. Nicki Minaj's name obviously comes up, because who doesn't love an opportunity to be messy? While Remy's team member, Emmanuel Hudson, initially takes the podium, the audience immediately begins chanting for the rapper. She hops up with the quickness, and sashays to the mic to deliver one word: "ShETHER."

That's, of course, in reference to the crazy vicious diss track she dropped in February that set the internet ablaze and put Nicki on the defensive. The crowd, understandably loses it, and that's pretty much all the clip offers. 

Remy's faux eulogy actually goes quite nicely with her March appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, where she appeared dressed for a funeral. When Wendy asked why, Remy gave a savage response, referring to Nicki's status post-"ShETHER": "My grandmother told me to never speak ill of the dead."

It's not clear when this episode of Wild 'N Out was taped, but it's set to air this Thursday Aug. 10 on MTV, making the beef relevant, yet again. And after all, isn't relevancy all any rapper really wants? In any case, I'm sure we'll hear from Nicki soon. In the meantime, peep the history of Remy and Nicki's relationship-turned-rivalry below.