Funk Flex received a lot of heat earlier this week for claiming 2Pac actually shot himself during the 1994 Quad Studios attack. And it appears Lil Cease got a taste of the backlash.

During Flex’s Instagram Live rant, the Junior M.A.F.I.A. rapper gave his two cents with regards to Flex's accidental shooting theory. "He resisted!" Cease wrote during the broadcast. "From what I know…and I heard he reached for this joint and pop his self 1st by mistake."

The Hot 97 DJ, who has been a vocal critic of 2Pac, took a screenshot of Cease’s message and shared it on Instagram, writing: "The Fucking truth!!!! They was never going to shoot him...he was suppose to run the jewels...he panicked shot himself....then went on a Biggie campaign […] Big never did nothing to him....(here come the Stans) !!!!! IT MAKES ME SICK TO HEAR U STANS TALK AND WORSHIP THAT BEHAVIOR.... THE TRUTH FUCKING HURTS... ITS THE TRUTH!"

Cease—who is Biggie’s cousin—claimed his comment wasn’t intended to be disrespectful and accused people of twisting his words.

"I have too much love for The Outlawz and (Pac’s) family," he wrote on Instagram. "And I have been down that road before with Big. I would never in my right mind speak foul on the dead because I wouldn’t allow nobody to speak bad on Big."

Flex hasn’t backed down from his controversial statements. On Wednesday, the DJ doubled down on them on Twitter, stating the East Coast/West Coast conflict wouldn’t have happened if Pac hadn’t lied about what went down at Quad Studios. According to Flex, Pac knew who the assailants were but was too scared to call them out, so he placed the blame on Biggie and Sean "Diddy" Combs, thus jumpstarting the deadly rivalry.

You can check out some of Flex's tweets below.