Funkmaster Flex Takes Aim at Drake Over Jennifer Lopez Photo and Twitter Reacts Accordingly

Funkmaster Flex sent shots at Drake over the Jennifer Lopez photo he posted on Wednesday and Twitter responded accordingly.

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Early Wednesday morning, Drakeposted a photo of him and Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, and of course, everyone on social media freaked out about it. It’s actually the second such Drake/J. Lo photo to hit IG this month, and it sparked even more speculation surrounding the nature of Drake and J. Lo’s relationship.

Early Thursday morning, after apparently spending all day thinking about it, Funkmaster Flex—who has sent a series of shots in Drake’s direction in the past—decided to weigh in on the latest Drake/J. Lo photo on Twitter. He sent out several tweets about Drake’s decision to post the photo on IG, and while he didn’t mention Diddy by name, it was pretty clear that his goal with his tweets was to stick up for J. Lo’s former flame.

Like many other people have done over the last 24 hours, Funk Flex suggested Drake posted the photo to try and get under Diddy’s skin, and he ripped Drake for posting the flick on the anniversary of the infamous Club New York shooting involving Diddy and J. Lo. Here is what he had to say:

Funk Flex’s name has been trending on Twitter for most of Thursday morning as a result of his tweets, and many of the responses that he has received to them have been negative in nature with people calling him out for injecting himself into whatever Drake/Diddy/J. Lo drama may or may not exist. They also called Flex out for sending the tweets in the middle of the night.

Here is how Twitter reacted to Flex's string of Drake-related tweets:

Flex seemed unbothered by the reactions he has received. He said his Twitter mentions have been filled with "Weirdos" and "Super Stanleys":

Drake and J. Lo have both been silent for the most part since the latest photo of them popped up, and we wouldn’t really expect that to change anytime soon, despite all of the speculation swirling around them thanks to social media reactions like this.

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