More than two years after releasing his debut LP, Brooklyn’s Joey Badass is back with his long-awaited sophomore album All-Amerikkkan Badass. And, as the title suggests, he’s included a hefty dose of political and social themes.

Though Joey didn’t announce the project’s release date until early March, the 22-year-old rapper has been speaking about it for months. He described the album, as well as the intentions behind it, during an interview on Wild 94.1 back in September:

“This new project is very powerful,” he said. “That’s the best thing I can say about it: It’s very strong music. It’s like hella vegetables. It’s hella good for you, and it’s almost my hesitance with it: the fact that it’s so good for you, because these kids these days want candy. ‘Devastated’ is almost like the organic candy because the message is still good for you.”

Joey released “Devestated,” the album’s lead single, in May of 2016, and followed it up with “Land of the Free” and  “Rockabye Baby.” As each track rolled out, it was clear Joey had something powerful to say, focusing on his observations and experiences in the current social climate. All-Amerikkkan Badass touches on subjects like inner-city crime, police brutality, and Donald Trump's presidency, while also delivering a message of hope.

You can stream the 12-track album, featuring names like Schoolboy Q, J. Cole, and Styles P, on Apple Music and purchase it on iTunes.  You can also listen below via Spotify.