Jan. 20 (tomorrow) marks the 22nd birthday of Joey Badass—​as well as the second anniversary of his debut album B4.Da.$$—and he's entering the biggest year of his career in grand fashion with the release of "Land of the Free." He teased the track earlier this week on MLK Day with an Instagram clip of a Martin Luther King Jr. speech that played seamlessly into a snippet of the Kirk Knight and 1-900​-produced record.

Joey spits over the smooth, uplifting production with purpose, touching on a deeper narrative that speaks to the black male experience in America: "Trickery in the system/Put my niggas in prison/All our history hidden/Ain't no liberty given."

The song also doubles as a protest against Donald Trump, who will be sworn in as 45th President of the United States on Friday. "300-plus years of them cold shoulders/Yet 300 million of us still got no focus/Sorry America but I will not be your solider/Obama just wasn't enough—I need some more closure/And Donald Trump is not equipped to take this country over," Joey raps.

"Land of the Free" serves as the first song off Joey's upcoming sophomore album AABA. The project is still without a release date, but dropping this new track should bring fans optimism that it's not far away.

Joey recently scored a major milestone with his 2016 single "Devastated" going gold, and it feels like just the beginning of W's the Brooklyn rapper will accumulate this year.

Listen to Joey Badass' "Land of the Free" on Apple Music or stream it below on Soundcloud.