Baby fact: playing music for little babies can help ease their sad little hearts. I know this is true because BabyCenter told me. I don't know if playing select tracks from Future's self-titled album is what BabyCenter thought you'd play, but whatever works, you know?

One wise man found this to be true and decided to share his discovery with the internets, showing this little baby going from tear-soaked trauma to being all bright-eyed and smiling once that Metro Boomin-produced banger is playing. This isn't even the first time something like this has happened with this guy and said baby.

Maybe one of these days this child will learn how to play the flute and entertain the masses.

To the surprise of no one, Future's here for it... because he knows.

And while haters will say "you could put on anything and this baby would be fine," do you remember how excited you were for FUTURE to drop, then how excited you were for HNDRXX to drop a week later? And how you've probably had both on rotation for the last few weeks? Yeah, exactly.

Future is for the children, and we have documented proof.