We're only a few months into 2017 but Aaricia is already having one of her best years yet. After releasing her debut EP The Ruler last year, the Montreal-based singer started off her new year strong by releasing a collaborative track with Moto Made's Grand Buda that has been picking up stream on Spotify. Now Aaricia is keeping the momentum going with her new single, "Wildest Dream," which we are premiering here today on Complex. 

Aaricia extends on themes explored across The Ruler—love, lust and power—in this track that blends elements of alternative R&B and synth pop. She counts Amy Winehouse as one of her favourite artists and the influence the late singer had on Aaricia's vocal style and delivery is apparent: Her voice is deep, a little bit dark, and a lot soulful.

Stream "Wildest Dream" below and stayed tuned for more from this rising star this year: she already has a sophomore album, entitled Figures, coming down the pipe.