Sean Kingston wants the world to know he didn’t get his ass whooped by Migos.

The 27-year-old artist gave an exclusive interview to CBS affiliate 8 News NOW, and insisted the attack that took place Tuesday night in Las Vegas wasn’t as bad as people suspected.

"You see my face, there was no beat down, it was none of that," Kingston said. "It was a jump, but it wasn't a jump. You get what I'm saying?"

The “Beautiful Girls” singer says he wasn’t aware the trio had any beef with him, and that he wasn’t expecting any kind of attack. In fact, he claims the entire incident was a setup.

"We went out there thinking we were going to have a conversation," he explained. "They FaceTimed me, 'Yo, come outside, let's talk. Man, I miss you. Let's chalk it up.' You know what I'm saying? And as soon as I went outside it was no talking. They just started jumping on me throwing punches. I didn't have a chance to put up my set up or do nothing."

Three friends reportedly accompanied Kingston during the attack, including 28-year-old Moises Johnson. According to TMZ, Johnson is now facing felony charges for allegedly firing a shot in the air during the assault. He claims he was simply trying to stop the attack, and had no intention on hurting anyone. 

Kingston claims he doesn’t know why Migos jumped him, but believes it may have something to do with the beef between Quavo and his friend Soulja Boy.

"I'm hearing different stories," Kingston said. "I'm hearing it has something to do with Soulja Boy. He was at my house. I said something in a video they didn't like."

Searching for answers, TMZ caught up with one of Kingston’s most famous foes, The Game, who was asked why no one seems to like the singer.

“He's got a black cloud over his head, you know what I'm saying? I don't know, man. Something is wrong, man,” The Game said, before insisting he no longer had an issue with Kingston. "I don't really got no beef with Sean Kingston. I don't got no beef with nobody right now. You know why? Because my probation officer watching this and I changed my life! I'm Black Jesus!"