Soulja Boy Takes Shots at Quavo on New Diss Track "Beef"

Soulja Boy goes in on Quavo in a new track titled "Beef."

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Just days after calling out Shia LaBeouf, Soulja Boy has decided to take aim at Quavo.

On Monday evening, the “Crank That” rapper posted a new song called “Beef" on his Soundcloud account. And it only took seconds to realize whom the diss track was targeted it at. 

“Aye Quavo you a bitch nigga/Yea nigga I introduced you to Sean Kingston, nigga/I introduced you to Travis Scott, nigga,” SB raps. “What you forgot?/Quavo, Quavo, Quavo said he want some beef with me/Aye man I guess you mad cause I fuck Lil Yacthy girl and he ain't never met her before, nigga/I don't give a fuck all y'all can get it.”

The track was accompanied by what looks to be a screenshot of texts between SB and the Migos member. Judging by the exchange, it sounds like their beef started as a result of SB's fued with Lil Yatchy

You can listen to the full track below.


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