On Tuesday, Jim Jones announced that he signed to Roc Nation. It's interesting to see this move hit in 2017, especially considering Jim's past with Dipset, Roc-A-Fella, and how that whole story of these Harlemites doing it big in the rap game unfolded. If you're a fan of how the Diplomats got together, or know nothing about their history and want to know more, you have to check out this extended, in-depth conversation with Funkmaster Flex that Hot 97 released today.

Over the almost 90 minute conversation, Jimmy takes it all the way back to old days, when he first met guys like Cam and Freekey back in the day, through forming their crew in the mid-'90s. In speaking on his role in Dipset back then, Jimmy made a point to mention that "before I got all the pieces together, I was everything; I was the hypeman, I was the road manager, I was the manager, I was the security," he says. "Everything you could name, I was it for Cam."

Around 16:30, Jimmy gets super personal, and actually sheds some tears in talking about the last 20 years of his life. "People don't understand what this Diplomat sh*t was built about," Jimmy continued. "If you really get to live this last 20 years that I lived, you would understand, boy. I put everything on the line for this. And I took it with a smile, even when n*ggas doubted me, n*ggas downed me." Jim goes on for another two minutes with some of the realest, most impassioned words about how tight and how deep the Diplomats bond and brotherhood really was.

Jim Jones interview on Funk Flex was REAL...nigga shed a tear

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Jim also goes into "We Fly High" blowing up, the "We Fly High" remix with Jay on it, the fracturing of Dipset, his past with French Montana, and how the Roc Nation deal came about. Things get a little heated when Flex mentions how things might move if/when Max B is freed, as Jim didn't hold his tongue. "He can die where he stand, but I don't have the time to talk about a man in jail." When asked, Jim says that he is open to a conversation with French Montana as well, although it feels like he might feel some type of way about French and Cam working on material.

This is hip-hop history here, and judging from heads who have listened, this is one of the realest interviews in a bit.

Everybody need to hear this Jim Jones Interview. This shit made me extra hungry

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Jim Jones & Flex interview is beyond incredible. I don't think y'all realize

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Already had respect for Jim Jones ( rapper ) but looking at the Funk Flex interview mad me respect him more

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This Jim jones interview on hot 97 🔥

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I'm glad Jim Jones and Jay-Z squashed their beef. Now Jim Jones can get with the winning team.

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"I'm Dipset for life," Jim says, "but right now I'm Jim Jones." It feels like he's ready to really go from just being a music guy into the next phase of his career, where he can go into running his own imprint and acting, among other things. If you want to catch everything Jim talked about, pour up some D'USSÉ and really sit down with this convo.