This mom is really out here rapping along to Da Brat's 1994 track "Fundafied" to impress her son.

The above clip made its way online when her son J Cook tweeted out the video writing, "'Lmaooo moms sent me this & said '21 savage who?? this real rap.' 😂 😂"

This really cute mom recorded herself rapping to Da Brat's "Funkdafied" and sent it to her son with a message: "21 Savage who??" He tweeted the clip where it received a slew of comments praising her beat-dropping talent. 

It looks like some of Cook's followres are even trying to get @ her after watching her display her rap skills.

Based on the overwhelming response to his tweet, J Cook's mom might have won over much more than just her son's approval. The video has already been retweeted over 72,000 times and has gained over 134,000 likes. Watch it above.