Lil Yachty doesn’t seem too bothered by Funkmaster Flex’s recent criticism.

Earlier this week, the Hot 97 host invited Murda Mook and Oun-P to freestyle on air, which inspired a passionate rant regarding, what he calls, “mumble rappers.”

"That's called motherfuckin' bars, n*gga,” Flex said in the middle of Oun’s freestyle. “You know nothing about that! You know why!? Because you a mumble rapper Bow Wow! A mumble rapper! Lil Yachty, you don't want nothing too!"

The outburst went viral and eventually landed on Lil Boat’s Instagram page, where the rapper seemingly laughed it off. Flex commented on the now-deleted post and challenged the 19-year-old to a rap battle against Mook. Yachty had the perfect response.

“I’m just enjoying life countin' up my change. None of this is that serious to me. Take a chill pill my guy,” Yachty wrote. “I’m sure Mr. Murda Mooks would kill me in a rap battle … but ask him to seem in streams/sales/or on the charts. It’s easy to write a verse but how easy is it to make a stamp on the culture?”

Flex attempted to get the last word, and came back with a comment regarding Yachty’s lack of confidence. Lil Boat later wrote he would be down to appear on Flex’s show, but he didn’t appreciate his comparison to other artists.

“Stop trying to [compare] every rapper,” he commented. “I’m not Dave East […] I’m Yachty […] The Grammy-nominated, Sprite-endorsing, Nautica creative director 19-year-old millionaire mumble rapper … don’t you forget it!”

Lil Yachty took the W. You can read the full exchange below.