Migos' "Bad and Boujee" has been slowly taking over, and fans in Nigeria took notice. DJ John J, who served as Migos' DJ for the first time ever during their recent concert in Lagos, Nigeria, posted a video of the show to his Instagram account earlier today. The clip shows the crowd going absolutely nuts for the song, shouting along to the opening lyrics "Raindrops/Droptop/Smoking on cookie in the hotbox/Fucking on your bitch, she's a thot thot thot." Although they continue to party and rap along to the whole song, the intro is especially impressive and shows how the song's opening moments have become somewhat of an internet sensation.

Migos have been cleaning up recently. Although their sophomore album Culture has been delayed indefinitely, "Bad and Boujee" keeps climbing in popularity. They also had a major viral moment with Quavo's "Dab of Ranch" rap snacks jingle, and recently performed at their label 300's freestyle competition, which offered $10,000 and a record deal to the winner. Both Quavo has been buzzing on the solo tip as well, working on music with Travis Scott, Post Malone, and more recently.

Still, they plan to continue making music as a group, and if we ever see their new album out it will probably be due to the success of "Bad and Boujee." Clearly the song is becoming a cultural phenomenon beyond the borders of the United States.

You can check out the crowd in Lagos, Nigeria get insanely hyped to "Bad and Boujee" in the video above.