Funkmaster Flex just took his beef with Bow Wow to a whole, but very entertaining level by yelling that the 29-year-old rapper is a "mumble rapper" on air.

Murda Mook and Oun-P stopped by the show and the radio host interrupted Oun's freestyle to let everyone know what was on his mind. "That's called motherfuckin' bars, ni**a! You know nothing about that! You know why!? Because you a mumble rapper Bow Wow! A mumble rapper! Lil Yachty, you dont want nothing too!"

Bow Wow and Funk have definitely been going at it lately in the rap beef that nobody asked for. If you're not caught up, Flex called Bow Wow's music "trash" and called him one of the top five worst rappers of all time. Bow Wow shot back at Funkmaster Flex by saying, "You gone fuck around and die of a heart attack fucking w[ith] me."

It's a little confusing why Lil Yachty's had to get dragged in, but we guess Flex was just seeing red. Obviously, people are losing it on Twitter because watching Flex freak out is even better than just reading a tweet. "LMAO Funk Flex losing his mind," one person wrote. Others are begging Yachty to help the internet by putting an end to it. "@lilyachty please shut this dude funk flex up 😭," another person begged.

@lilyachty please shut this dude funk flex up 😭

— clinton sparks (@msantoes) December 16, 2016

Watch a fuming Funk Flex let it all out above and check out some of the hilarious reactions below.

LMAOOO RT @ChicoHimself: Today is a funny ass day for beef. Bow Wow vs. Funk Flex. @MrSuperJay vs Fatkid Deals. TF is going on? 😂

— Lawrence Iss(a)burne (@MrSuperJay) December 16, 2016

Funk Flex is a cornball bruh

— Maurice Davis (@BigMoTheCaptain) December 16, 2016

I hope this @funkflex vs @smoss doesn't end in pistol play 🙏🙏🙏

— Codak (@iAM_Vance) December 16, 2016

I hatttteeee funk flex he's literally the most annoying person on radio always doing the most 😒. He to old for that

— Anjoli (@LeleNEKIA) December 16, 2016

This man @funkflex so washed lmaoo

— Mondo Slade (@smilefart) December 16, 2016

Whatever happened to that petition to get funk flex to retire?

— maiya murielle (@caughtinTheLife) December 16, 2016

funk flex sit yo old ass down, nigga swears he still relevant outside the border of new york 😂

— Sager Strong (@_AZTEC10) December 16, 2016

When niggas tryna freestyle on funk flex show and he stop the music just to start screaming and spitting everywhere ...

— Esco (@RetroNoLaces) December 16, 2016

Lmao funk flex losing his mind

— Brandon Frm NJ (@BrandonfrmNJ) December 16, 2016

Funk Flex coulda just hired a better PR team and called it a day.

— FLEEKNIK (@Judnikki) December 16, 2016

@funkflex has no picks😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 " put em on the fuckin camera"

— Trent®🏄🏽 (@RichyBrigante) December 16, 2016

safe to say Funk Flex REALLY doesn't like mumble rappers

— James Vane (@JamesCVane) December 16, 2016