Hillary Clinton knows how get social media popping. She's brushed her shoulders off, shown us how to whip and nae nae, and hit the dab. Just earlier this week, we warned y'all to knock out the #MannequinChallenge before old people get around to it. Well, the old people have found out about the viral craze: On the morning of Election Day, the Clinton campaign shared a video of Hillary Clinton doing the Mannequin Challenge with Jon Bon Jovi. It's cool though, because it's approved by Rae Srummerd, whose own Mannequin Challenge helped "Black Beatles" climb the charts.

If you're unfamiliar, the Mannequin Challenge involves a group of people freezing mid-action while somebody walks around and films the frozen-in-time scene.

Clinton's take on the challenge occurs on her campaign plane. Captioned "Don't stand still. Vote today," the video shows a handful of people, including reporters and aides, checking their phones and watches, high-fiving each other, taking pictures, and all that. There are pizza boxes too. You can see Clinton's husband and former president Bill Clinton, as the camera moves down the aisle of the plane. Hillary Clinton is next to one of her top aides, Huma Abedin, and musician Jon Bon Jovi, with guitar in hand. After about 50 seconds, someone yells, "And we're good!" as the people on the plane break their poses and erupt into laughter and applause.

The Clinton campaign's version was silent. But, luckily for us, Rae Sremmurd spiced it up a little bit. The duo's account shared the video in a tweet that said, "Go vote for her" along with American flag emojis. But the duo's version includes sound—their hit song "Black Beatles," to be exact:

Granted, the Clinton campaign's Mannequin Challenge doesn't quite hold up to Rae Sremmurd's, which includes more people, more dancing, and more liquor.

According to CNN, Clinton's staff came up with the idea because many of the aides enjoy watching the videos and suggested that the campaign should make one of their own before they left for New York. 

The Mannequin Challenge blew up in late October after high school students shared videos on social media:

But since then, people of all ages have participated. Multiple NFL teams have given it a try. And Adele has done it:

So has Destiny's Child:

The Mannequin Challenge was a big help for Rae Sremmurd on the charts, and we'll soon find out if the challenge can help Clinton on the ballots.