For some reason beyond comprehension, the #MannequinChallenge has taken over all aspects of life here in America. It's the latest viral challenge trend that has "Make America Fun Again" for the time being before we find out the presidential election decision this Tuesday. You can put this trend in the same category as the #RunningManChallenge and chooking in 2015. The ALS Challenge in 2014 made people across the nation dump cold water bucket on themselves while on camera and the planking trend took over 2011.

It's only natural that the #MannequinChallenge infiltrates its way into the sports world. I mean, just look inside Kentucky Wildcats' Rupp Arena.

But since it's Sunday, lets focus on the NFL teams who are killing this challenge when they've been summoned to do so. The Cowboys (7-1) are riding after pummeling the Browns (0-9) on the road in Cleveland 35-10 for their seventh straight win, and remain atop the NFC East division. So to celebrate on the Cowboys team plane back to their headquarters in Arlington, Texas, the team made a point that they can get busy in any game of catatonia reminiscent of "Red Light, Green Light."

Much love to the guy in the baggage cabin above the seats, though. Even the Cowboys' brass seem to bode well as working stiffs.

The Giants beat the Eagles at home 28-25, and happened to take the challenge with ease in the locker after the game. Check how the coaching staff didn't move at all either.

And this past Friday's Steelers practice, their star wideout Antonio Brown showed off his frozen skills to reporters, and they reciprocated his mannequin form with the rest of the team in the locker room.

If this trend last's through the end of the NFL playoffs, don't be surprised to see 72,000 fans at NRG Stadium doing this at Super Bowl 51 before the kickoff.

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