When you're getting into five-figure sums talking about a rapper's teeth, normally you're talking exquisite, diamond-encrusted grills, the kind loved by Paul Wall and Kanye West. Well, recently, Fetty Wap dropped a staggering $80,000 on his own mouth, but there wasn't a single stone to be found. 

According to TMZ, "Fetty hit up Dr. Mojgan Fajiram of Sutton Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in NYC recently, looking to score the straightest, whitest looking teeth possible. The doc's office says they hooked Fetty up with 20 porcelain veneers, top and bottom."

Apparently, each individual tooth cost Fetty a cool $4,000, but it's hard to argue with the results, the guy looks like a million bucks. 

Fetty isn't the first rapper to hit the dentist chair and spring for some new chompers. Young Thug recently got his own new set of teeth and hasn't been shy about showing them off or talking about them in public.

It's tough to know what may have spurred Fetty to spring for the new grill, however, joining up with the cast of the new season of Love & Hip Hop, spending all day, every day looking at yourself in front of the camera's can make you question your appearance. Whatever it was that made him pop in the high dollar veneers, he's certainly got a whole lot more reasons to smile these days...about 80,000 of them.