Paul Wall Wants to Give Free Gold Grills to All U.S. Olympic Medalists

Paul Wall is offering a gold grill to every U.S. Olympian who earned a medal in Rio.

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The 2016 Summer Olympics may be over, but there’s still plenty of gold to be handed out—at least for the U.S. medalists.

According to TMZ, rapper Paul Wall is offering a free gold grill to any American athlete who placed at the Rio games. He and his business partner Johnny Dang recently created a special 18-karat gold upper emblazoned with the Rio Olympics logo as well as the Olympic rings. They have since invited all U.S. medalists to celebrate their accomplishments with the custom design.

"We are proud to watch you representing for US while you compete in Rio. To commemorate and congratulate the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners, we here at Johnny Dang & Co. Houston would like to offer you all a free gold grill," they wrote in an open letter. "Please enjoy your tremendous accomplishment and contact us at your earliest convenience."

Back in 2012, the Houston rapper made a similar move. But the free gold grills were only offered to U.S. athletes who walked away with the gold. Now that he’s extended it to all medalists, over 100 Olympians could become owners of the mouth accessory. We’ll just have to wait to see which ones actually take him up on the offer.

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