Anything can happen at a Danny Brown concert.

Currently, the 35-year-old rapper is on his Atrocity Exhibition tour, which made its Dallas stop at South Side Music Hall on Friday night. At some point during his show, a concertgoer had a special announcement for his girlfriend. So, he got on stage—microphone in hand—as Danny watched from the sidelines.

After he got her to come on stage with him, he told the crowd that this is the first time in two months since they’d seen each other. He wanted to see a Danny Brown show with her, and sure enough, the rapper was in town the same time they were. He then popped the question, asking, “Will you marry me?” And of course, she said yes.

Aw. Real love y'all. Check out some reactions to the news below. 

How cool would it be if Danny perform at their wedding?