Lupita Nyong'o is already an Academy Award-winning actress, and now she's showing off more of her talents by dropping some bars under her rap alias Troublemaker. 

In an Instagram clip, Nyong'o spits bars over Nas' "N.Y. State of Mind" from his 1994 classic debut studio album, Illmatic. Throughout the verse, Nyong'o references her payroll from Disney and shouts out her co-star David Oyelowo who is featured alongside her in their just released film, Queen of Katwe.

"Mexican born, Kenya running through my veins/Dark chocolate, plus I keep a sharp mane/Lancôme fresh-faced, looking tailor-made/Disney on the books, so you know I stay paid," she raps. She also kicks rhymes about her acting roles, lets us know that she speaks four languages, and how she's helping the planet through her job as Global Elephant Ambassador for WildAid.

It does need to be pointed out that Nyong'o credits her good friend and actress, Robyn Hood, for the lyrics, so the actress did have some help putting this altogether.

The actress shot the video to thank all of her fans for reaching three million followers on Instagram as she shouts them out at the rend of the rap, but we wouldn't mind if she decided to drop some more of these. Maybe on her next rap, she'll shout-out Jay Z or rap over one of his instrumentals as a callback to the time he name-dropped her on "We Made It." Watch the clip above.