Pretty much everyone has been eagerly awaiting Frank Ocean's new album, but one fan decided to spend his time collecting all of his guest features, unreleased tracks, live performances, and more into one nicely organized spot on Wakelet. The fan hero left nothing off the table and gathered all of Ocean's musical outputs—both recorded and live, released and previously unheard—into one place for everyone's listening pleasure.

The world has been waiting for Ocean's new album for over a year now after months of let down when promised release dates came and went and left the internet to implode on itself. Fortunately, a New York Times source has said the album, Boys Don't Cry, will finally arrive this Friday, along with a major music video and print publications. Ocean is reportedly pulling an Adele and will only stream his album on Apple Music for the first two weeks before it arrives on other platforms.

Boys Don't Cry will mark Ocean's first album since 2012's classic and acclaimed debut album, Channel OrangeSince then, Ocean has been largely under the radar, only popping up in the occasional feature or surprise photo from his brother.

We were starting to give up hope Boys Don't Cry would arrive anytime soon when the four year-anniversary of Channel Orange came and went recently, but suddenly a website update in July promised an album. Then, Ocean shared a mysterious new livestream of himself sawing wood, which has been fully unpacked with Complex uncovering the director and the artist that lent his boombox installation for the project.

Now, Boys Don't Cry has a reported August 5 release date, and this fan's epic collection of everything Frank Ocean is a pretty perfect way to revisit the artist as we kill time prepare ourselves for whatever he has been cooking up. You can also revisit our carefully constructed time of Ocean's existence since he dropped Channel Orange here.