DJs Craze and Four Color Zack have been making a huge statement on the state of DJing and what a creative turntablist can do with their hands via their two mixes as 2Cents. The world-renowned DJs are masters of their craft, and instead of going down the same road as other DJs, they find new and exciting ways to progress the art, and their latest collaboration finds them not only reworking DJ Snake's "Propaganda," but providing some commentary on the fuckery going on in the media today.

If you're a fan of DJs who know how to really cut and scratch, you should be no stranger to this type of thing. DJ Craze dropped a similar video a few years back with his "New Slaves" routine, but it's wild to see a beautifully-shot routine with two DJs on one setup like this. It begins with Craze and FCZ taking their time, cutting up a track that flips Debarge's classic "I Like It" before things get heavy. With a mid-section that details what it really means to be an artist, there's a deeper message about those who are OK with being sheeple in a world where true creativity should be valued. What's wild is that commentary makes sense in the world of EDM, where it's always the "superstar" with the biggest songs and most generic sounds tend to win, it also delves deeper into the media we consume, right into the current election season and Donald Trump.

Craze told us that 2Cents wanted to "bring some crazy new ideas to the live DJ experience. Like a wild party with substance... wait... that sounds like..." Lucky, Zack was quick to cut in with a quick "moving on." Real DJs speak with their hands anyways, right? Let the video up above, and the official 2Cents remix of "Propaganda" below, be your guide.