See, it's one thing for A-Trak to break down what #RealDJing is with his words, but sometimes you have to do what all DJs do and speak with your hands. In this fresh video for his "New Slaves" routine, DJ Craze goes deeper than putting together a fly routine; he comments on the bullshit DJing that's hitting the mainstream, whether it's Paris Hilton doing whatever she does or the fake "performances" you see on TV. In this new set, which utilizes Kanye West's "New Slaves" as a dope twist and commentary on the current DJ scene, Craze makes a real statement on the crop of DJs out there that are heralded as the "best." Again, actions can speak way louder than words at times, especially for a DJ who's won multiple world titles in scratching and had no problem taking on the opposition.

And if you missed it, check out Craze's remix of Snails and Antiserum's "Wild."