The Views From The 6 hype machine is in full swing, After dropping teaser singles “One Dance” and “Pop Style,” Drake uploaded a 30-second trailer to Instagram this week. Racking up over 1.3 million views and counting, the clip shows that Drake’s meme-ability has never been more powerful. With content aggregators and thinkpiece assassins ready to unleash, this album might as well be titled Views For The Clicks. And we’re all susceptible. Drake is an expert self-marketer, with a savvy team behind him. Music aside, this is already Drake’s biggest album.

Let’s unpack this trailer, because there’s a surprising amount of information packed into a 30-second preview. There’s no real brand new footage or photos to be seen, though it is set to an instrumental by New Orleans producer Suicideyear. According to Twitter, it was as much a surprise to Suicideyear as it was to anyone else, but “Over” is now sure to make an appearance on Views in some way, shape, or form.

A kind of slapped together career highlight reel unfolds, with Drake’s voiceover doing some basic word association: The 6, Raptors, OVO, Young Money, and so on. Images flash on screen, as if he’s compiling some kind of digital mood board, or pitching a reality show to VH1 or MTV. The “You think you know, but you have no idea” vibes are strong.

We combed through the trailer, frame-by-frame, looking to examine the headspace Drake is in pre-Views. Watch the full trailer above, and follow along with our detailed analysis below.