Pro Era rappers Joey Bada$$Kirk Knight, and Nyck Caution stopped by Hot 97's Real Late with Pete Rosenberg to chop it up about their upcoming tours, new music, and relationship with A$AP Mob

The real event, however, quickly became the trio's entertaining series of freestyles. The rappers went back and forth over a huge variety of beats, from old-school classics to recent songs by Future and Kendrick Lamar. They even started shouting words during each others raps, forcing them to work the new words into their ongoing freestyles. In the end, the crew spit about 20 minutes worth of bars off the top of their heads, showcasing their incredible skills and ability to perform on diverse beats.

The rappers were on the show to promote Caution's new mixtape Disguise the Limit, along with Knight's upcoming European tour and Joey's new song "Ready." Joey did take the time to deny Ebro Darden's claims that his new album was dropping in the fourth quarter of this year. He noted that he wasn't sure when it was coming but that he already had about 50 songs recorded.

You can check out the Pro Era rappers tear it up in the video above. The freestyle starts around the 18 minute mark.