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Signed to Good Years, TTY are continuing on from the Back To School project from earlier in the year with a new EP, 3.30, as well as the video for EP closer "Cindy Wei". As with much of their tracks, the "Cindy Wei" video is pretty out there, with a sound they describe as "sho". As the tumbling beats and abstract melodies play out, world-weary MCs tell the story of trying to talk to a girl in a club whilst trying in vain to avoid making poor, inebriated decisions.

When we spoke with TTY over email, they explained that, besides music, their influence comes from "beauty, pain, sadness. Seeing 16-year-old boys selling crack to parents who've given up. Knowing your brother might not listen to you but a whole generation his age may hang on your every word, just doing your best to make a difference." Cleverly, the rotating network of artists involved in this release have managed to balance way-out experimentation with pleasing lyricism and catchy beats. Get lost in the "Cindy Wei" video and then delve into the EP below.