Pryde is on a mission. After premiering his latest single, “Come And Go,” back in September, we’ve already got an exclusive look at a brand new visual from the Brampton rapper.

In the music video for “Boys On The Road,” Pryde tells us he’s “Old Toronto meets New Toronto,” as he splits his time between stunting in the backseat of a Bentley, and sipping 40s in the park with his crew. On top of a smooth instrumental, rife with jazz chords and propelled by a laid-back boom-bap, “Boys On The Road” picks up where “Come and Go” leaves off, unpacking his story even further, from roots to self-made ambitions.

“The video for ‘Boys On The Road’ is a walkthrough of my current lifestyle, and where the past few years have taken me,” Pryde told Complex. “It’s where my group of friends and I are at in our early twenties—the parties, the girls, a hint of my old neighbourhood. I just wanted to showcase the growth, from small town kid to a city-slicking grown-up.”

Watch the video for “Boys On The Road” above, and be sure to hold tight—Pryde’s debut album Russell, should be dropping sometime in October.

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